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Jeanine Souren: "We long for real connection. We want to live at a deeper and more meaningful level and to connect more authentically with ourselves and others. Yet we feel more alienated and emotionally detached from other people than we ever have before. Our conversations are about closing this gap."

In my work as a trainer and psychedelic psychotherapist, your Own Wisdom is central, because in my view, self-knowledge and self-insight is the beginning of all wisdom. It's about learning to understand and speak to that inner guide, and dispel all the fog that has built up in your life around this advisor. Therefore, I like to term "inner healing wisdom". 


How to get there can be done in a variety of ways.  I learned a lot about those ways during all my studies; first as a psychologist, then as a psychotherapist, then as a sex therapist and systems therapist. When I started learning about psychedelics and how they work, doors opened that I didn't know I had. 


Doors to the deepest layers of your subconscious, where early attachment wounds originate and often, stay. Where with the help of psychedelics (in combination with therapy) you can find a depth of understanding and empathy for how your life has unfolded and for things in your life that have eluded you.  A lot of potential in terms of trauma treatments, but also pitfalls. 


For trauma there are several psychedelics that are applied, MDMA, psilocybin and Ketamine being the most researched at this time. The therapy element is, in my opinion, essential.

I also believe that each relationship, situation and each individual is unique, therefore, the approach I choose is customized and differs for each program. I like to combine expertise and evidence with creativity and experience. I strive to apply the best of traditional wisdom and modern psychological approaches.


Tailor made programs are designed to accomplish profound inner work. My 'Reflect to Act' approach (which means making the link between the past and the current situation) help you to gain a new perspective and cultivate psychological flexibility. I will help you identify and process unmet needs and to heal them. These can range from feeling tired and stressed, emotional and psychological issues, such as dealing with depression, anxiety and fear, trauma, addictions or relationship problems. 


To come to a profound shift, the process is intense and invigorating. As a private therapist, I believe standardized approaches are good, yet I strive to give my clients the most comprehensive help possible.  


We start with an initial interview, where honest and compelling questions are asked. You are asked to fill out some psychological tests, depending on your unique situation. Based on a combination of factors, I draw up a treatment plan with you and we are ready to start the change process. I measure results and impact before and after the process. 

My approach is holistic, integrative and systemic, aimed at concrete changes in your emotional state and life. I work with emotions, cognitions and behaviour  as one is interconnected with the other. I believe in a bio-psycho-social context and connections with what is at hand. We will be a good fit if you long for deeper meaning and more honesty with yourself and others and have come to realize that change starts with you.

I am a certified private coach and psychologist. I work independently and offer exclusive care. While I appreciate mainstream approaches, my practice is boutique and will stay that way. This means my clients can reach me at very short notice and that each process is tailored

Trust the process - it matters

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