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With a training or workshop, we focus on developing greater emotional intelligence. By combining ground-breaking and creative methodologies with innovative and targeted strategies, the workshops and trainings will help you achieve measurable improved skills immediately. And the impact is sustainable.

Training or workshop

A workshop is a training event in which the basic information is provided. With my trainings, I aim to dig below the surface.  To help you explore the ways you might be standing in your own way and train you to apply new and creative skills for systemic transformation. I partner with awesome colleagues. Together we combine expertise and experience to think and respond more effectively to achieve different — and consistently better — results.

  • Intimacy 

    Many of us are not good at intimate relating. With yourself or in a relationship. This 2-day group training is offered online and in-person and developed for individuals and couples. Focus is on learning about your feelings and desires, about embracing who you are. You will locate, express and receive intimacy from

    yourself in an often emotional and experiential way. Day 1 is about learning emotional intimacy, day 2 is about physical intimacy. 

  • Workshop

     Examine the dynamics of your situation from an impartial position and allow healing of systemic and personal relationships to take place. You will see the bigger picture, and also experience an emotional release and healing in a unique experiential personal development process.

  • Creative
    sex- & systemic therapy

    This 2-day training is for couples- and sex therapists looking for creative interventions when working with couples that are stuck. Psychodrama based creative techniques will be used for role-play, new perspectived and experiencing vs talking about. A lively training for professionals wanting to learn easy to use new techniques that work. 

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