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Case Psychotherapy

Me, it's complicated ..

Irma (74) signs up because the relationship with her daughter Magda (49) is so bad that they have not seen each other for 3 years. Irma is saddened by this, but does not know how to fix it.


Working with psychotherapy and honest conversations, Irma gets to know herself more profoundly. After a couple of sessions, we start to examine the interpersonal dynamics that are influencing what is happening between Irma and her daughter. We then strt to discover where this comes from. We find out that Irma can quickly feel rejected and that her way of communicating is not helpful in building up the relationship. Irma is quick to criticize and tends to point at external causes instead of self reflecting on her own role in the dynamics. 


Through a series of frank conversations, Irma slowly feels ready to leave the victim role behind and Irma learns to see the perspective of the people around her, as well as the patterns that have been repeated from generation to generation. She learns to restore the relationship with her daughter from a strength based point of view and not from a complaining point of view. She has taken responsibility for her part in the dynamics and is now working with Magda to improve the relationship with systems therapy. Irma has learned to 'own' it. 

Integrative Psychotherapy is an effective way to recognize, understand and resolve deeper problems.

Marble Surface

"I thought it was her fault"

“My perspective has changed, I must admit. I am a stubborn person and never learned to talk about emotions. I went to therapy because my daughter and I are estranged. Therapy was confronting. It was not easy to realise that I was responsible for a large part of the negative dynamic. I apply what I am learning and we're still in family therapy but I think we have a chance at restoring our relationship.”

— Irma, Psychotherapy

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