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Case Coaching and microdosing

A different perspective 

During my research into the effect of MDMA and psychedelics in psychotherapy, I became intrigued and fascinated by microdosing. I saw great potential. After I learned more about it and tried it myself, I realized how important it is to find an effective way to apply microdosing so that you can get the most out it with the best balance. I have learned a lot from colleagues at the Microdosing Institute team. Microdosing can, among other things, increase your creativity, your sense of well being and your focus. It is a relatively new approach in which you take a very small dose of legal psychedelics that is not meant to have a noticeable effect. The most popular and legal psychedelic for this are magic truffles. I'm part of a coaching network, offering psychological support to people who have decided to microdose themselves.

--------- CASE:

My client, Bart, comes to me because he suffers from depression following a traumatic event. Bart follows the Fadiman protocol, and takes a microdosage of truffles every three days for two months. In addition, he is looking for help with handling his emotions during this period. In Bart's case his feelings become more tangible and accessible by microdosing truffles. He becomes more aware of what is going on inside him. During our sessions, we often go hiking. We talk about his trauma and his earlier coping techniques which was mainly to suppress his feelings. To prevent him from being overwhelmed by emotions now, we begin by learning different ways to deal with emotions and thoughts. Bart is gradually able to see the relationship he has with his negative thoughts and feelings. This makes him feel more resilient. Microdosing acts as a support for him during this psychological change.

Bart stops microdosing for a month. His depression is in remission. He is still in treatment because stopping the truffles can also have an effect on his feelings of well being. We decide to continue his sessions but meet less frequently for the coming 4 months. 



Disclaimer: please note that I do not provide any psychedelic substances. My coaching service is for people who are willing to take psilocybin truffels (legal) and want to do this at their own risk. Psilocybin truffels are illegal in many other countries but are legal in the Netherlands. 

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"Feeling more connected"

“I felt safe and understood by Jeanine. Microdosing magic truffels helped me cope with my and understand my depressive feelings. I was able to feel a different sense of connection, especially with nature, strangely enough. I feel like having sex again, for the first time in a long time. After 2 months of the Fadiman protocol, I stopped, which is recommended.  for  Therapy with Jeanine continued. Talking about emotions is easier now. I started my second 'slot' of 2 months MD now.  ”

— Bart, Microdosing enhanced psychotherapy

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