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Drs. Jeanine Souren



Couples & Family Therapist   

Sex therapist

"I am a certified private coaching psychologist and work independently and exclusively. While I appreciate mainstream approaches, my practice is boutique and will stay that way.


I apply a broad variety of integration techniques which I have learned during my lengthy career. This enables me to quickly acsssess your needs and get to the core of your issue. I focus on increasing your resilience and help you see life from a different perspective. Gaining a broader perspective creates space for you to develop in. This is where you will find your 'Own Wisdom'  which is the key to change. "

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Drs. Jeanine Souren's credentials

  • Bachelor and Master of Science (4 yr) Psychology

  • Post Master (4 yrs) Psychotherapy  (BIG reg)

  • Post Master (4 yr) Family and Couples Therapy (NVRG)

  • Post Graduate (2 yr)  Sexology (NVVS)

  • Emotion Focussed Therapy (EFT) practitioner

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)practitioner

  • Schema Focussed Therapy (SFT)  practitioner

  • EMDR practitioner

  • Accredited PE (Permanent Education) lecturer

  • Member of the NVVS (Dutch Association for Sr. Sexologists)

  • Member of BIG (Dutch Individual Healthcare Professions Regulatory Board)

  • Member of VvAA (Dutch Association for Physicians)

  • Member of NVRG (Dutch Association for Relational, Couples and Family Therapy)

  • Member of Schema Focussed Therapist register

  • Member of ACCESS - International Therapists Directory

  • Member of NVP (Dutch Association of Psychotherapists)

About me

My advanced post-doctorate training in human behaviour, psychotherapy, psychology, clinical sexology and systems (couples and family) therapy, enables me to provide you with the right tools and guidance to help you reach your personal and relational goals. 

Through my own experience I have learned that there is more to a relationship than love.  Unfortunately,  I felt lost in my own relationship and came to realise that for all my searching, I wasn’t connected to myself or my feelings.  I had to let go to in order to find myself, to find that truth about who I am and to discover my authenticity.  From there, I was able to reconnect with myself and be in harmony with those around me.

The path I was on personally, led me to study relationships and behavioural patterns.  From there, I decided to take it further, and got my clinical psychology and couples therapists' masters and post masters degrees. Sexology is a  recent specialisation which I chose to study. From a relationship point of view, there's so much to gain from paying attention to this aspect of being together. 


My strong desire to develop programs that I could have used during my own time of need, drove me to create Intensive Programs – a fast track way which has proven to be effective and helps build stronger individuals and relationships.


I have been fortunate to lead an international life, living abroad for many years, traveling extensively and learning through these experiences. On the surface I had all the privileges of leading a global life yet I still felt restless.  


The appearance was good , but the essence was missing.  


Aboven and beyond appearance comes a sense of self. Developing a sense of acceptance involved establishing a more genuine identity. Cultural and contextual differences, however subtle, and their influence on relationships are often underestimated. My experience and knowledge of various cultures helps me to see from a different perspective. In particular in the areas of stress and the associated emotional wear and tear which some couples and individuals experience.  


As an expat, wife, mother and professional psychologist, I have gained insight and experience in working together with a variety of people in different professions and from diverse backgrounds.


My vision is not to work from an illness or pathology perspective. I use my formal education and my own life experience to understand and help you resolve relational issues. I have been there and have recovered. I encourage my clients to live close to their own truth. From there you are better able to maintain lasting and intimate relationships.

My goal is to help you establish your own intimate and lasting relationship(s), whether it be with yourself, a partner or your family. Through powerful conversations, which are intended to inspire new thinking, perceptions and behaviour, a different perspective is created. 


Accreditations and licenses 

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