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A deeper connection 

Individual coaching & therapy

Profound inner work

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You experience happiness when you sail your own course. I believe that you develop yourself further and become wiser when you are inspired, feel connected to your surroundings and can see setbacks and problems as opportunities to grow. In my vision, your own inner guide is ultimately your best advisor. It's about learning to understand that inner guide and letting him speak while expelling the constraining fog you have built up around your own wisdom and sense of direction in your life. I help you access to your own knowledge. In order to do that, we sometimes have to go to uncharted territory.

Common  Situations 

  • I function well, but I don't get enough satisfaction, I want to feel happy and inspired again

  • I have developed an addiction and am leading a double life, I want to change

  • My position brings with it a certain amount of loneliness, how do I deal with that?

  • My past has been traumatic and I want to get professional help without a long waiting list

  • I keep running into the same patterns and want to change my behaviour

  • I am irritable and quickly in conflict with the people around me, how do I change?

For people struggling with

Personality issues

Everybody has a unique set of personality traits, which influence how they act, think and feel.  A personality 'disorder' is a general term for rigid personality traits. If you are suffering from personality issues, you will probably have certain patterns of behavior which have been embedded for many years. These originate in your childhood. These behavioral patterns can cause recurring problems in your personal life and/or at work. They involve persistent thoughts and behavior that you find very difficult to change as they have become part of your character. Schema therapy, psychotherapy and coaching help you become more conscious of behavioral patterns (schemas), how those patterns developed (history) and the situations that trigger them. Most importantly, these therapies help you to learn how to manage and change your behavior. 

Program options


After the intake, we will discuss the estimated number of sessions necessary to reach goals

  • Intake: 90-120 minutes

  • Standard session: 50 minutes


This accelerated approach is equal to 11.5 therapy hours

  • Diagnostic interview + test: 2.5 hours​​

  • Program day: 7 hours

  • Integration, evaluation and follow-up: 2 hours

Package options
  • Intake + 5 sessions + evaluation

  • Intake + 10 sessions + evaluation

  • Intake + 1 day intensive + evaluation

Price options


Excl. 21% VAT

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