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Family Therapy

Create harmony

Resolve your conflicts 

And deepen your
connection- together

​Here is what we know. Happy families are rare. Sustainable harmony requires meaningful time together, continued care and keen awareness. Be it for family 'tele-therapy' or 'in-person' meetings, family therapy will help change perspectives and break through tough patterns.


The Family Programs are set up to find ways for the reconnect needed which more traditional therapies have a hard time achieving. That’s where I come in. I am a professional family therapist who understand your unique needs.​ Because when the whole family grows, each individual member is better off. 

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Common  Situations 

Sitting around the table is no longer possible, we want to repair the family dynamics

We run a business as a family and our roles and positions are mixed up, we want to discuss without conflict 

We have a big family secret, we want to address this with the best professional help, to protect what matters most

We are a blended family and argue about loyalty issues, we want to find harmony under 1 roof

We have core undressed issues and want to get professional help in resollving these

We are leading separate lives and miss feeling connected. We want to feel like a family again

For families struggling with

Issues with siblings

Competition, comparison, different relational styles. All of these (and many other factors) can lead to conflict with siblings. Because relationships all come down to how we relate and what we relate to. Being related by blood does not automatically mean we relate to our siblings. Siblings are thrust together in families. Family therapy can help with sibling rivalry and conflict. It can also be a very helpful way to assist parents in leading siblings out of conflict by assessing the ways in which a family may need to tweak their approach to set everyone on the right path.

Program options

Family Bonding

If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done. A unique family day with meaningful time together. Get to know each other again by investing time.

Allowing fun and love to flow
Family Therapy Retreat

If your family has issues that cannot be addressed anymore by sitting around a table, a family vacation combined with professional and discreet family therapy can be just what your family needs.

Meaningful vacation together
Family Constellations

If you are you ready for breaking free from  unconscious shackles that hold you back, a 1 session family constellations can deliver just that. A proven way to stop repeating patterns.

Healing the unconscious


Hourly rate            €375  

Average duration single session: 2,5 hours

Location is flexible

Price options

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“Cultivate your vulnerabilities, for within them lies your strength.”

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