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Case Family Constellations

Hocus Pocus therapy? It works. 

Fleur (32) wants to come for a family constellation session. Her family is tainted by misunderstandings, arguments and resentment which is present from her mother to her children. Fleur wants to find a way to leave the systemic entanglements behind. We set up a meeting after deciding that family constellation therapy is a good fit. She does not need her family members to be present, as this is how constellation therapy works. 


I invite 4 representatives, and the representatives are placed in position in the room by Fleur. This is called a field. Once the representatives (who represent her mother, father, grandmother and herself) start moving, Fleur gets to watch a scenario which is similar to watching a movie. The representatives do not know anything about Fleur or her background, but they start to move based on what they feel in the field. The interaction is astounding to Fleur, the lady representing her mother starts to display quite a bit of drama. Just like her real mother, she says. Her represented 'father' leaves the field. Fleur becomes emotional, as her real father left their family when she was 17. The man who represents Fleur approaches the 'grandmother' without knowing why. The 'grandmother' starts to cry. She feels she abandoned her daughter and so she moves to her 'daughter' (Fleur's mother) in the field. Then, Fleur witnesses a re-ordering naturally take place. The 'grandmother' takes responsibility back and tells her 'daughter' that she is the mother and Fleur is the child. Fleur then witnesses her 'mother' become emotional. This feels authentic and she explains afterwards that she finally saw her mother as a child who did not have a mother present when she grew up. Fleur trusts in the process and by the end of the session, Fleur sees her mother's burden, her fear, understands where this comes from and the effect this has on the family. She says it is a big release and creates understanding and a shift in energy for herself. 

This family constellation session lasted for 2,5 hours but the impact was huge. 

Marble Surface

"We came together"

“My family is full of conflicts. I chose for the family constellation session and went alone. It was a 1 session approach which lived up to my expectations. I felt that the dynamics we are in were felt and explained by inter-generation patterns that were shown during the session. The experience was bizarre as the 'representing people' did not know me. Yet what I saw and felt was so breathtaking. I get the bigger picture now. Amazing! ”

— Fleur

daughter, Family constellation

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