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Treatment methods

Tailor made- and staying that way

Each person is unique

And always will be

That's why each process is individualised and staying that way.


I work with  the broad variation of knowledge and experience I have built up over the years. Each process is designed to elicit powerful conversations, inspire new thinking, create clarity and direction. Each intervention is aimed at helping you grow and change. 


Listed below are frequently used methods.


Are you prepared to embark on a journey of deep introspection and self-exploration? Through engaging in psychotherapeutic conversations, you will gain valuable insights into how you perceive life and navigate its various aspects. Equally important is understanding the reasons behind your beliefs and actions. Together, we will uncover your "Why" intertwined with your sense of self - both who you currently are and who you aspire to become.

Through this process, you will develop a profound understanding of why you have approached life in a particular manner and how you have learned to cope with different circumstances. Often, our upbringing and childhood shape our strategies for dealing with ourselves and the world around us. We may have developed defense mechanisms, suppressed challenging emotions, or become entangled in anxious thoughts. With the aid of psychotherapeutic conversations, and sometimes with the assistance of psilocybin-containing truffles, we can access uncharted territories of your psyche, unearthing self-limiting beliefs and behaviors driven by subconscious thoughts and emotions, whether consciously recognized or not.

By gaining this profound understanding, you can regain agency over your life, charting a course aligned with your true desires and potential.

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