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Treatment methods

Tailor made and staying that way

That's why each process is individualised and staying that way.


I work with  the broad variation of knowledge and experience I have built up over the years. Each process is designed to elicit powerful conversations, inspire new thinking, create clarity and direction. Each intervention is aimed at helping you grow and change. 


Listed below are frequently used methods.

Each person is unique

And always will be

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 

Do you want to increase your psychological flexibility? Not get so upset by life's struggles and dare to learn how to face challenges?
I work with ACT to help you change the relationship you have with the problem. We don't focus so much on 'getting rid' of the problem, but on how you relate to the problem. We can then work on how to increase your psychological flexibility. You will gain new insights with various exercises. You will learn how to see and identify your limiting thoughts from a different perspective while learning how to give up control and struggle and how to create sustainable inner peace. ACT helps you discover what you really want from life, what you find important and how to move towards living a more valuable life. 

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