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Expat Counseling

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It's time to embark on a 

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 With Psychological Care for Expats

When thinking about living abroad, we sometimes picture a perfect life filled with exciting adventures and things to learn. Relocating to another country, however, comes with its own set of difficulties and concerns that, if not fully overcome, can slowly lead to mental health challenges.


As a private therapist and coach, I provide remote psychotherapy and mental health consultation to expatriates living around the world. I work with individuals, couples, and families regardless of physical location. 

Online therapy has been found as effective as face-to-face sessions by several research trials.


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Common  Situations

I feel alone, I want to find a sense of belonging

I have a trauma and want to get help in English  with somebody who understands me without being on a long waiting list

I am 'the other half' and feel like a stranger in this country, can you help with changing negative thinking?

I have an addiction and want to break the pattern of my behaviour

I have the expat blues, I miss my family and friends. I want to feel happy

I suffer from anxiety and want to learn how to let go of my need for control

 -  My Values - 

With a focus on personal growth and development we help you to act, by reflecting and connecting to your inner guide. By helping you move towards your values from that place of authenticity.  Real wisdom comes from within.

you are

Via tele-mental health, we can address a wide range of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, sexual issues, grief and loss, marital and family issues.


No waiting

 Contact me and get started right away with professional mental healthcare. I can arrange for an intake interview and see what will work best for you within 24 hours.

Insurance coverage options

Services are provided on a  'fee-for-service' basis. I have contracts with several international health insurance companies and can provide direct billing when applicable. 

Recognized licenses worldwide

Certified professional help for psychological care for expats. Licensed in Sexology, Trauma, Schema Therapy, ACT, Psychotherapy, EMDR and more.

Price options


Online sessions

"Because I have been working with expats online for  many years, I have built up a lot of experience. Offering specialized treatment online requires knowledge and expertise.  I guarantee high quality care and can help you navigate and resolve simple to complex mental health issues. "

Working with discretion and from the comfort of your own home, we quickly get to the core issues by having insightful and honest conversations.

Jeanine Souren