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Time for Each Other

Individual coaching & therapy
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Bridge the gap

with couples therapy

Using a unique approach

Strengthen your relationship

Partners often settle for a stable relationship instead of an inspiring one. The danger lies in this resignation. By embarking on couples therapy, you can implement lasting changes.


Through honest and insightful conversations, sometimes assisted with (legal) psychedelics, these couples counseling programs will lead to a sustainable break with the issues at hand and set a new, positive trend for your relationship. Whether you are seeking expat couples therapy, weekly counseling or sex therapy, these programs are designed to set you on the right path. 


Get to the heart of the matter quickly with exclusive, high-quality care without a waiting list.

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Common  Situations 

We are dealing with an affair and want help with  renewing trust

Our sexual desire differs, we want to spice up our intimacy

We are feeling disconnected and are considering ending our relationship; are we making the right choice?

Traditional therapy does not work for us. Can you help with your method using legal psychedelics?

We want to move beyond underlying patterns of conflict as well as walls of fear and defensiveness

We are divorced and are trying to find healthy ways to parent together

For people struggling with

Intimacy issues

Intimacy in a relationship consists of love, physical contact, trust and closeness and is shared between 2 people.

Intimacy is both emotional and physical  That means it can be sexual or non-sexual. It is one of the most important aspects of a relationship because it is a fundamental ingredient of the ‘glue’ that binds people together.

For some people, intimacy is easy. For a lot of people, it is not. 

Some intimacy problems surface when a couple becomes sexually active. Some problems surface when a couple becomes emotionally intimate. Together I work with you to solve intimacy issues and to grow your trust in being vulnerable. 

1-Day Relationship

Without guilt or blame, I will help you and your partner gain clarity and enhance your connection. This accelerated approach is equal to 4-5 months of couples therapy.

  • 1 therapist


While the 1-day session focuses on connection, the additional day in this workshop is to rekindle desire and sexual enrichment. Ideal for jumpstarting change.

  • 2 therapists


This program offers you new perspectives, practical tools, and help implementing lasting changes with the comfort of a vacation setting. Aftercare session inlcuded. 

  • 2 therapists

Accelerated Approach Options

Price options


Online available

Excl. 21% VAT

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