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Case Coaching

Immediate impact, sustainable change 

Elise (42) is distressed by her exhaustive 'to do' list and has a difficult relationship with her boss. After having seen a psychologist for a couple of sessions, she was done with diving into her past and wanted concrete tools how to move forward. Elise's schedule regarding work, kids, marriage and looking after herself was conflicting. There was not enough time for anything. Elise works fulltime as a consultant for a large firm. She has the overall responsibility of a team of 20 employees. 

Elise comes for a 10 session program, wanting to learn how to change her relationship with her 'to do' list and desire to be able to communicate with her boss in a way that is productive instead of blaming. 

We work through a program where she experiences that her 'why' is missing. Elise's personal values conflict with work and this is the main source of her stress. We focus on how she can relate differently to work and family life. She is now able to create a plan where she can change her position in her company. This has left her feeling more inspired and more balanced in general. The time for herself is enjoyed more and she spends less time worrying. Elise also learns that she has a tendency to disagree with others out of habit and had trouble stopping this. By teaching her the 'choice point' - an ACT intervention -I help her realize she has a choice. Every time there is a discussion with her boss, she can choose how she reacts. We also work on identifying patterns in her communication style.  Elise practices with applying different communication styles and when she switches departments, she consciously adjusts the way she tries to get her point across. This results in more meaningful dialogues without the same patterns of arguments that she encountered before the coaching sessions. 



Marble Surface

"Too much on my plate"

“I thought I had too much going on and too little time for me. Turned out, I was missing passion for what I was doing. After a few sessions with Jeanine, I could look at things differently, including myself. I feel better about things and have gained a new perspective. This has resulted in having more 'room' for other things. ”

— Elise

Coaching program

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